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The Social Report 2010

The social report provides a picture of progress towards better social outcomes for New Zealanders. It uses a set of statistical indicators to monitor trends across key dimensions of people's lives at national, regional and territorial authority levels.

The Social Report 2010 builds on the social wellbeing framework established in The Social Report 2001. The report is updated and revised each year as new or better data becomes available. Counting the 2002 online update completed during a review of the first edition, this is the 10th edition.

This introduction outlines:

  • the purpose of the social report
  • what we mean by domains and social indicators
  • our criteria for selecting indicators
  • what's new in The Social Report 2010
  • how we report outcomes for different groups of the population
  • the timeliness of the data
  • the structure of the report
  • other indicator reports.
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