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Ministerial foreword

Image of David Benson-Pope, Minister for Social Development and Employment. The Government welcomes the publication of the sixth Social Report charting changes in social wellbeing. The Social Report 2007 allows us to measure our progress towards our goals of an inclusive society where everyone can share in the benefits of our strong economy, and allows us to see the results of our social investments.

As Acting Minister for Social Development and Employment, my focus is on improving the quality of life of all New Zealanders.  Social investment means investing in our families – young and old.  This underpins the social policies that are at the heart of this Government.

Families are the building blocks of our communities and our nation. This Government is committed to ensuring New Zealand families thrive and are safe, healthy and financially secure.

Over the past year, additional assistance has been provided to families through the Working for Families package, primary health care costs have been reduced and three and four year olds are able to receive 20 hours of free early childhood education. We look forward to the improvements these investments will bring to the lives of New Zealanders.

On behalf of the Government I’d like to thank non-government organisations whose hard work and commitment drives the improvement of our social indicators. We look forward to continuing to work collaboratively with you all.

Steve Maharey Signature

Steve Maharey
Acting Minister for Social Development and Employment