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The future

A comprehensive programme of social statistics will enable us to develop new indicators and to update more of the current indicators on a more regular basis

Statistics New Zealand has led a major review of its official social statistics that, in the long term, should lead to the more regular collection of a wider set of social statistics. Statistics New Zealand is also leading the Linked Indicators project, one of the aims of which is to identify a common set of indicators across the social, economic, environmental and cultural domains. Progress on this work can be found on the Statistics New Zealand website. As well, Statistics New Zealand is developing a complementary set of more detailed indicators targeted at community outcomes. These will also be available on their website.

The Ministry of Social Development is continuing to look at ways to make the social report more useful at a subnational level. As well as providing subnational disaggregations of indicators on the social report website, we are working with the Big Cities group to improve the alignment of outcomes and indicators of social wellbeing at a national and subnational level.4

As previously noted, we produce the Social Report on an annual basis. We will continue to refine the desired social outcomes and indicators, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions as to how you think this might be done.

Comments can be made to:

The Social Report Project Manager
Ministry of Social Development
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